Why Art is Important?

Thoughts on the importance of art

Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet, 1872. Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris. Source Wikipedia

To begin to reflect on the importance of art, I have explored some phrases of one of the most important painters in the history of Art. In this case, specifically about Vincent Van Gogh:

  • I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say ‘he feels deeply, he feels tenderly” — Vicent Van Gogh
  • “A good image is equivalent to good deed” — Vicent Van Gogh
  • “Paintings have a life of their own born of the painter’s soul” — Vicent Van Gogh
  • “His brush is at the service of his spirit.” — Vicent Van Gogh
  • “There are things in color that come up in me while I paint, big, intense things.” — Vicent Van Gogh

Art is a difficult concept to define but its importance can be reflected through these phrases written in the Post Impressionist time.

Van Gogh wanted to reflect feelings through his art and make people feel. He wanted to do a good deed through his art to be of service to his spirit and he used painting as a means to achieve this. All these actions described by Vincent create value through art because art elevates and elevates the soul.

The Starry Night by Vicent Van Gogh, 1889. Museum of Modern Art, New York City. Source Wikipedia

Art does not have only one objective, because in art there are no limits, art helps us to feel free, art can be a tool to overcome emotions; such as pain, sadness, love, consolation, etc. Art has the power to balance all these emotions, it can also lead us to feel empathy, to sensitize ourselves, and even to take us to different types of realities and transport us to different times.

On the other hand, art creates opinions, creates reflection, helps to build arguments, ask ourselves questions, and look for solutions. All these attitudes we can see reflected since the time of Impressionism, and with much more emphasis nowadays. In itself, art is important because it is a tool to influence our view of the world.

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